"Circles of Discovery is magical and potent and a truly marvelous piece of musicianship. It is also the soul's journey in music ..."  --- Jean Houston, author

Circles of Discovery is a journey into the mysteries of the labyrinth, an ancient meditative tool found in cultures all over the world, from the Minoans in Crete and early settlers of Northern Europe to the Hopis of the American Southwest. 

The music invites us to step on the path of discovery into the unknown parts of ourselves that lead us, like the bony labyrinth of the inner ear depicted on the cover, to the heart of hearing the sacred.

As we are guided along by Debbie's haunting shakuhachi melodies and the rich musical tapestry of the other instruments, we learn that the way to the centre of the labyrinth is meandering.

Still, there is only one route to follow and the musical weaving propels us forward by the toning of the 'D' drone. We are carried into the state of wholeness, where what we need is discovered and brought fully into the core of ourselves.