Debbie Danbrook is a musician, composer and recording artist specializing in music for meditation, relaxation and healing. She is a Master player of the Shakuhachi flute, an ancient Japanese instrument that was originally played by monks as a type of Zen called 'Suizen' or blowing Zen.

Debbie is the first woman to have mastered this difficult instrument and weaves the Shakuhachi together with her voice in her ethereal music. She has released over 20 CD's of music through her company Healing Music.


Debbie plays at healing events around the world. She has played for Japanese royalty, the Prince and Princess Takamado; at EXPO 2005 in Japan; at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and also at the Daibutsu, the famous Buddha in Kamakura, Japan. Debbie offered a Music Meditation in Rwanda at The Genocide Memorial. She plays on tours throughout Ireland including healing venues in Dublin and Galway. She has performed throughout North America at countless events including the International Wellness Conference in Galveston with Deepak Chopra and Don Miguel Ruiz; Sacred Music Festivals; Sacred Dance Festivals; Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch Conferences; Sound Colloquiums and hundreds of Labyrinth events. She was the only woman to perform at the 1998 International Shakuhachi Festival in Boulder, Colorado.


Debbie has been featured in many articles including several in the Toronto Star, Canadian Living and the Elm Street Magazine. She has been seen many times on TVO, Vision and CBC on television and radio and was profiled by Paula Todd in a half hour documentary on the Person to Person TV program.


She is active in benefit work and has fundraised for Japan tsunami victims including offering a benefit concert in Japan two weeks after the tsunami; for Tibetans living in exile and is also on the board of directors for a palliative care musicians association.


Debbie has been grateful for the wonderful support she has received from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. She has received a total of fifteen awards from these Councils.


Debbie has taught Shakuhachi at the University of Toronto and now teaches privately in Toronto, Ottawa, Guelph and on Skype.

Debbie is a workshop and retreat facilitator at events pertaining to Healing Music, the Labyrinth, Chakras, Mantras and Sacred Nature.



CMC Associate Composer (Canadian Music Centre)


Her latest CD, 'Light From The Super Earth', has been recently released on itunes. It features Grammy winner and cellist extraordinaire David Darling. The CD was recorded in Canada, The States and the U.K. It was mastered in London, England by Tim Young who won a Grammy for mastering the Beatles' Love CD.



She is currently recording three new CD's: